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Speed Climbing Timing System  -“Hengam 3+”:

Hengam 3 User’s Manual

Hengam 3PLUS Block Diagram

With the development of sport climbing all over the world and the establishment of an independent Federation in Feb 2007 consisting of 47 members from 5continents and organization of several speed competitions and in order to establish some standards forsport climbing competitions, KASSA company with the cooperation of some Iranian expert engineers designed “Speed ClimbingTiming System” to be used in the country’s Speed competitions.  The first timing system, “Hengam1”, was launched in 2010 and it was tested and implemented in Kerman competitions.
According to the comments received from international & nationaljudges, coaches andteam managers and after using the system in 3 International competitions (2012-Zanjan Master Cup, 2012-Hamedan Youth Championships, 2013 – Tehran 21stAsian Championships) andto fix the problems of the timing system, this time the team of engineers re-designed & optimizedthe system with much higherperformance and resulted in a more enhanced and updated system which is now available as “Hengam 3+”.
All designs and manufacturing rights of this systemis reserved by “FononDadehParvariBasamad Company (FDPB)” and all sales rights reserved by “KassaMountaineering Company”.


Hengam3+  Specifications:
- Capable of measuring time in two parallel systems inall 3 speed, boulder & lead modes,
- Capable of finding“error” at the starting point in Speed mode(measuring  0.06”),
- Using “LED” technology to make Displaymore visible& sharper in outdoors and when exposing to direct sun light (Adjustable),
- Using “TOUCH”technologyin start (foot)& stop (hand) panels,
- Using “buzzer system” for announcing start & stop time as well as errors,
- Having  handy keyboard with the capability of “RANDOM START” (Complying with 2013 IFSC Rules),
- Using “HIT” and “TOUCH”system for start & stop panels,

- Status of “Start error” and “ready to start the competition” is announced by light & buzzer,
- Display is slimmer and have less weight,

- Motherboard is designed smaller with less possible weight

- All parts of Sport Climbing Timing System are guaranteed for a 1 year period from the product  
          purchasing date and 5 years warranty,

¨Now, the 4th cgeneration of the system named “Hengam 3+” is available at market.





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