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Introducing Kassa Mountaineering Company
KASSA Mountaineering Company was founded in 1998 with the aim of manufacturing and installing artificial indoor/outdoor climbing walls.
With regard to the day by day developmentof this competitive sport in Iran and all over the world; and on the other hand,increasing in the number of interested youth indoing this type of exciting sport, prompted the managements of the company tostart manufacturing a wide range of products which satisfy the needs of  rock climbing fans.
KASSA is honored to have its numbersof manufacturedwalls implemented in several country championships and in the 3rd Asian Youth Championships held in 2003 in Zanjan and also in 2005 Asian Championships held in kerman.

Manufacturer of Artificial Rock Climbing Walls:
Beingpioneer in manufacturing climbing walls in Iranfor over 15 years, this company has already manufacturedmore than 180artificial rock climbing walls in Iran and in several countries. Below are some places where the walls are installed in the country:
- Departments of Physical Education in different provinces
- Police Departments
- I.R. Army
- I.R. Revolutionary Guard
- Petroleum Ministry
- Universities of Medical Science in different cities
- Technical universities in Iran
- Iran Airlines
- Iran Municipalities

Types of manufactured Walls:
- Fiberglass
- Coating ply wood
- Wooden walls

Manufactured Accessories:
- Holds in various shapes
- Amorphous panels
- Simulator (Rock climbing fitness equipment)
- Stainless steel bolt hangers
- Round base nut

- Hinge
- Children Climbing Walls

- The walls structural supports are designed so that they can be both installed and take down easily,
- Considering  size of panels (1 m
X 1 m), the axial rotation is possible on the panels; for this reason, each panel can be used in 4 models.
- Panels are light weighted and can be easily moved by one person.
- Panels made of fiberglass are high resistant in different climatic conditions such as wind, rain, sun, temperature, etc.;while, coated-ply wood panels are not, so instead the woodenpanels are considered as a good choice to be installed in indoors such as sport complex and alsoopen areas such stadiums, parks, cultural centers and …
- Designing and manufacturing mergedfiberglass walls (without limitation in dimension or geometric shape)

Guaranty :
In case of any damage causes to the sold equipmenswhich are manufactured by this company, the damaged product will be replacedFREE OF CHARGE by Kassa UNTIL 2 YEARS from the date the product is sold.

In the year 2000 KASSA installed its manufactured walls in Kathmandu (NEPAL), Malaysia, Arbil (IRAQ)&Turkmenistan.

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